Sensei Jim Pawlak & Staff


Sensei Jim - Owner and Head Trainer


I started training in karate at the age of 9.  I always dreamed of  one day becoming a sensei and owning my own dojo.  In January 2007, my  dream came true.  My wife Michele and I opened this school so that we  could share our love of the martial arts with students who wanted to  learn and teach it in a style that is all our own.  Our goal was to open  a dojo where karate is fun to learn and that discipline is taught with a  smile.  This philosophy helps the student to embrace all that the  martial arts have to offer while building a strong community feeling  amongst its members.

We never ask for a long term contract because we believe that no one  should have to go to karate who doesn’t want to be there.  Our classes  are designed to teach students skills that not only encourage physical  fitness and mental well-being for a lifetime, but also, skills that one  day may save your life.

Karate is a disciplined form of self-improvement.  I have studied  karate for over 40 years and am now a 5th degree black belt.  I continue to train in karate and BJJ, along with our instructors, so that we may always keep our programs exciting and challenging.  Being a personal trainer helps me to understand the  physiology of martial arts and enables me to develop custom ways for  achieving a better karate student.

Our goal is to create an environment where each student learns the  thrill of personal achievement by constantly setting the bar higher.

-Sensei Jim Pawlak 

Our Staff